About the project

Welcome on the About page of the project. SLEGPI is my project for my exams of june 2018. I have work on it from October 2017 to May 2018. The goal of SLEGPI was to make me discover numeric and electronic aspect by considering a lot the substainable developpement.

When I start the project, I receive from my professor a contract notice with all the instruction that I must to respect.

On the contract, was written that i must use a Raspebrry Pi 3, an Arduino Card, and try to respect the substainable developpement.

How the project works ?

The project works by setting up a connection between a server hosted on a Raspebrry Pi 3 and the Arduino Card. To do that, the Arduino card and the Raspebrry Pi 3 need to b connected to the same network.

Firstly, the LAMP server need to be configured with the PDO function. Without it, all the connection between the databse and the website is deleted. When we use the website to send an action to do to our Arduino card, we are in server mode. So we are asking to the Arduino Card to "display" a page with an URL like :

ip-adress/action=what_we_want And our Arduino Card understand what to do.

When the Arduino Card is receiving data from our anemometer or from the luxmeter, it sending informations to the website in client mode. And the website is understanding what Arduino send by using a file called "get_sql.php".

How was the exam with this project ?

The Exam is separated in two parts. One is a continuous assessment and the grade is given by the professor who follow the project from the begining to the end. And the second one is given by a jury of two professors who don't know anything about us or about our project (exept maybe the name of our project).

Personally, I get 20/20 for the continuous assessment and 18/20 from the jury. So I get 19/20 for the project (coefficient 12).

For the continuous assessment, we just have to seriously work. For the jury part, we have to do a slide show to project on a screen. We must do a general and personal recap into a .docx file.