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About the project


SLEGPI is my project for my exams of june 2018. I have work on it from October 2017 to May 2018.

In what consist SLEGPI-Website ? You can check it by following the link bellow.

Story of the project


If you want to discover how the project is born, why and how I decide to realise it, you can read the full story by following the link.

You don't want to miss them, alright ? ;)

Download the source code


I upload all my projects on Github to get a full historic of them and to share it with the community. You can check them on the appropriate page.

Project of JunkJumper

Hello ! I am JunkJumper, a 18 years old IT student and a brony. Bronies are supposed to overreact to anything, so i can success to everything to work.